We have gathered the best and most committed employees and we constantly work to develop and build the best competencies while keeping them happy and ensuring that they constantly develop with new and exciting tasks.

As the first company in Denmark, we have introduced the FISH philosophy.

By chance, we stumbled upon the book FISH! TALES published by Børsens Forlag back in 2006. The book describes how a number of companies apply the FISH! philosophy, which is an approach to work and working life. The story comes from the Pike Place fish market in Seattle, where all the fishmongers and their manager, with the assistance of an external consultant, create their very own culture - and stick to it. The culture, which has four principles, is quite simple: 1) Be there. 2) Make their day. 3) Play. 4) Choose your attitude. These principles create an extraordinary team spirit, an exceptional service culture and some remarkable financial results. The fish market still exists and can be seen at www.pikeplacefish.com, where you are left in no doubt that employees and customers come first.

Bjarne devoured the book. For several months, he had unsuccessfully tried to hire a new bookkeeper and new accountants. His ads resulted in not a single application. This spelled disaster, since the accounting firm had plenty of work, but unfortunately was short on employees. Either the company had to close or find new people as quickly as possible.

In December 2006, Bjarne placed a different ad calling for new employees. The ad spent just 7 lines to describe the 2 jobs, but as many as 20 lines to describe the culture of the accounting firm. This ad resulted in 16 hits, which led to 4 new hires. A successful outcome for the accounting firm.

The story might end here. However, it is in fact, were it starts.

Shortly before Christmas in 2006, Bjarne Albrechtsen receives a phone call. At the other end, is a man who introduces himself as FISH! dealer in Denmark. His name is Michael Meinhardt, and he has set out to investigate the situation a more closely. Can an accounting firm create a FISH! culture based on a single book?

Michael invites Bjarne for coffee, and they have a nice meeting, where Bjarne discovers that it is more than just a book. In fact, FISH! is a comprehensive American philosophy with numerous films, books, tools, gift items courses, and train-the-trainer courses. Yet, Bjarne did perfectly well with just the one book. Still, Bjarne has become even warmer to the FISH! philosophy and buys the film to show it to his employees. Over the years, it is also turned into an in-house workshop for the entire firm.

In 2020 - 14 years after the first ad - Bjarne asks Michael to come back for a FISH! refresher course. Many employees have been replaced and want to know what FISH! is really about. So they were introduced to the philosophy on a sunny day in July. The story was told. The movie with the fishmongers was shown. The principles were tested. And their IT was found. To learn more about what 'IT' is, you can write to michael@movingYOU.dk and ask for an explanation.

We strive every day to maintain and develop a positive corporate culture based on freedom with responsibility, and of course also a lot of social events and joint experiences.

You can download a brochure about our accounting firm's DNA here: The winning team

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